9 Lives Logo

Who We Are

9 Lives Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which depends soley upon unpaid volunteers to operate. As we don't have a shelter, we keep our cats in foster homes until they are adopted. Thus, the number of cats we can rescue depends directly on the number of foster homes we have - the more people willing to foster, the more animals we can rescue. We are also a "no-kill" organization and will euthanize an animal only if its health is so poor that trying to keep it alive would be cruel to the animal. It is our objective to make every effort to place all animals that come into our care into appropriate loving homes.

Adopting a friend

9 Lives volunteers are available at our adoption fair every Saturday from 11am-3pm at the Powers Petsmart to help you choose the perfect companion. If you find one you like, you fill out an application and can adopt when it is approved. If you see one of our fosters on our webpage, we can also email you an application. There is an adoption fee which goes directly to cover the costs of maintaining our foster animals. We do have some wonderful older animals and shy animals who need homes. Please keep them in mind when looking for a companion.

Come Visit Us!

Most of our cats are in foster homes. However, we rotate cats through the adoption center at the Powers Petsmart. You can visit with them during regular store hours or meet them up close and personal at our Saturday adoption fairs from 11am-3pm.